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At my clinic in Bellevue I see patients with Orthopedic and medical problems from teenagers to the elderly

I have 27 years of experience and integrate the best of Conventional Medicine with Functional Medicine and Sports Medicine to evaluate and treat medical and Orthopedic issues.

I spend a significant amount of time with each patient.

I am an expert in Functional Medicine, diets, exercise design, low level laser treatment(for pain and tendinitis), Frequency Specific Microcurrent, scar treatment, insomnia, toxicity and detoxification, trigger point and tendon regenerative injections, Prolotherapy injection for joints to treat pain and prevent surgery.  I may recommend medication or supplements or both to optimally manage a problem.  Please see the Practice Information part of this website to learn more about individual areas of diagnosis or treatment.

I am a national speaker, University Professor(at Bastyr University, Andrews University and at UW Medical School)and a book author.  I keep up with the latest developments in my fields, am on the faculty of the Institute for Functional Medicine and am in touch with some of the best leaders in Functional Medicine.

I try to get at the root of a problem as well as manage symptoms.

I am interested in optimal health and wellness as well as managing the aging process.

I can be a member of your health care team to help with an individual problem, give a second opinion or I can act as a primary care doctor.

You might find a diagnosis or treatment plan at my clinic that significantly improves your condition

I can help you reach health goals in regards to optimal energy, memory and mood as well as healthy aging.

I use all of the available labs and radiology departments and I have access to specialty labs for  specialized testing such as food allergy panels, adrenal and hormone testing and metabolic and genetic testing.

At my clinic I have many areas of expertise including: Arthritis conditions, bio identical hormones(as well as Andropause and Menopause), brain function and memory problems(including Traumatic Brain Injury), Depression and anxiety problems, energy and fatigue problems, Fibromyalgia, food allergies, stomach and intestinal problems(including Irritable Bowel and Inflammatory Bowel conditions), Motor Vehicle Accidents, neurological conditions including Neuropathy, Osteoporosis, prevention of cancer, high blood pressure and cholesterol problems, coronary and brain artery conditions, pain in joints or muscles. 

I also have a specialty in weight management.

Feel free to call our clinic to ask questions regarding your unique situation if you are unsure if you wish to make an appointment.

Contact and Clinic Information: Clinic Phone  425-462-7325

Location:1300 114th Ave SE #105 Bellevue, Washington  98004

Bellefield Office Park, Madrona Building

Office Manager/Medical Assistant: Larissa Severson  drmusnick@msn.com

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Reach your PEAK of wellness and health with Dr David Musnick MD and

Peak Medical Clinic

Decrease your pain and solve your muscle and joint problems.

Get insight, a diagnosis, an understanding, education and guidance for each patient as an individual.

Dr Musnick is up to date, keeping up with research. He is open minded, compassionate and caring.