Peak Medicine is the Practice of David Musnick, MD

  • Experienced and competent with 28+ years in practice
  • 24+ years practicing Functional Medicine
  • Highly experienced Functional Medicine, Functional Immunology and Concussion/TBI consultation and treatments that are holistic and comprehensive
  • Getting at underlying causes to your symptoms and condition
  • Caring and hopeful
  • Leading-edge Sports Medicine treatments for all areas of the spine and hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot
  • 20+ years of prolotherapy and scar injection treatments
  • Expert and teacher of  Frequency Specific Microcurrent 
  • Has helped 1000’s of successful patients
  • Superb in diagnosis and treatment
  • Incorporates diet, lifestyle, modalities, exercise, stress management and supplements as treatment options
  • Dr Musnick runs the monthly Sound Functional Medicine & Nutrition meetings for healthcare practitioners to educate clinicians in Functional Medicine topics

We are located right off of I-405 and I-90 in the Madrona Building in the Bellefield Office Park.

Our Clinic Staff:

David Musnick MD( See David Musnick MD separate page)

Melissa Hahn MA is our Medical assistant, billing and medical legal specialist. Melisa handles all billing questions. Melisa runs our medical legal consulting. Melisa is in the clinic on M, T, TH and Friday. Melisa is into a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. She has a little girl and 2 boys. She enjoys gardening. Melisa can be reached at or 425-462-7325.

Cynthia Villasenor is an administrative and reception staff. She is at the clinic on M, T, W and Friday. Cynthia is also in charge of Record Requests and our social media. Cynthia can be reached at or 425-462-7325.