Peak Medicine is the Practice of David Musnick, MD

  • Experienced and competent with 20+ years in practice
  • 20+ years practicing Functional Medicine
  • Highly experienced Functional Medicine treatments that are holistic and comprehensive
  • Caring and hopeful
  • Leading-edge Sports Medicine treatments for all areas of the spine and hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot
  • 20+ years of prolotherapy and scar injection treatments
  • Expert and teacher of  Frequency Specific Microcurrent 
  • Has helped 1000’s of successful patients
  • Superb in diagnosis and treatment
  • Incorporates diet, lifestyle, modalities, exercise, stress management and supplements as treatment options
  • Dr Musnick runs the monthly Sound Functional Medicine & Nutrition meetings for healthcare practitioners to educate clinicians in Functional Medicine topics

We are located right off of I-405 and I-90 in the Madrona Building in the Bellefield Office Park.