Prolotherapy is an injection technique to strengthen ligaments by increasing collagen and fibroblast content. A number of injection techniques are trying to accomplish this including Prolotherapy and PRP and Stem Cells. Stem Cells are more appropriate for inside a joint. PRP may be more appropriate to fill in a tear in a tendon but can be used on ligaments or inside a joint.

A number of joints in the foot and ankle can get loose and lead ot pain or even arthritis in the foot and ankle. One common area is the cuboid bone can flip downward in an ankle sprain and if bad enough can stay or recur in a malalignment. A number of other common ligaments and joint areas in the ankle and foot are: the anterior Tib Fib ligament in the front of the ankle(the high ankle sprain), the subtalar ligaments(sinus tarsi pain) and the ligaments of the medial arch of the foot including the deltoid and spring ligaments. If a person has Pes Planus or a flattened arch they will have medial ankle ligaments that are loose. Prolotherapy can be an ideal way to strengthen foot and ankle ligaments and may even help to avoid surgeries. The procedure should be done about one time per month for 3 or more sessions depending on the laxity. Although it sounds uncomfortable, having a needle int the foot and ankle it can be done quickly and with little pain if done by a Dr that has a lot of experience with the foot and ankle. Successful injections can then lead ot much less foot pain and better function as well as more fun with activities. David Musnick MD