At Peak Medicine clinic I have developed and treat with an Integrative Functional Medicine approach to healing the brain after Concussion and TBI. Of note this approach is not being used by most Doctors(even Neurologists, Functional Medicine Drs or NDs) because they are used to simply diagnosing a Concussion and referring for certain therapies. This approach is based on the pathophysiology of what actually happens after a Concussion and TBI. The pathophysiology issues are: mitochondrial and energy crisis, low oxygen, loss of neurons and synaptic connections, neural inflammation, free radical damage, excitotoxicity, blood brain Barrier damage and Autoimmunity, Hormone dysfunction. Other issues that should be also addressed are: sleep issues, vision, vestibular(dizziness), cognitive dysfunction as well as mood issues. A Brain Injury diet can be used to protect the brain and to aid in building healthy membranes. Neuroprotection Strategies for TBI are very important and involve dietary and EMF strategies. Supplements can be used to address parts of the pathophysiology for instance Taurine can be used to help with building more neuron and synaptic density. It is often important to get a blood test to see if a person has antibodies to the blood brain barrier and to set up a program to protect and heal this very important structure. It is important to do physical exercise in an aerobic heart rate training zone for 40 minutes to increase BDNF brain derived nerve growth factor. It is also important to do brain cross training. In subsequent blogs I will go into some more detail of a Integrative and Pathophysiology approach to healing the brain.

David Musnick MD