Dr. Musnick has a leading-edge, comprehensive and active methods of assessment and treatment of concussion and traumatic brain injuries

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Dr. Musnick has developed the Functional Medicine approach to Traumatic Brain Injury and has presented this at the Annual Meeting of the Institute for Functional Medicine on the Brain in LA in June 2017
  • His approach to healing brain injury is featured on the documentary THe Broken Brain
  • Dr Musnick’s approach addresses the pathophysiology(neural inflammation, oxidative stress, Excitotoxicity, brain oxygenation, brain stem cells, brain synaptic connections, brain structure
  • Dr Musnick can manage new or chronic head injury cases and create a program for improvement in brain function and post-concussion symptoms.
  • Dr Musnicks treatments integrate diet(his brain healthy diet), supplements, exercise, brain training and various modalities( Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Neurofeedback)
  • Integration of treatment strategies to restore brain and memory function
  • Treat post-concussion symptoms
  • Dr Musnick can also manage medical legal cases of head injury.

Some treatment modalities he employs include:

  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent to stimulate synaptic connections
  • Supplements and diet(Dr M has developed a supplement program to address the pathophysiology of what the injured brain is doing)
  • He may order an antibody test to the blood brain barrier and then correct this problem if you have it
  • Addressing hormones and correcting them
  • Treatments to improve sleep
  • Written and online assessments including CNS Vital Signs and Neurocognitive testing
  • Strategies to address increasing brain oxygen, stimulating NRF2 gene response, and decreasing brain inflammation and free radicals
  • Treatment to increase BDNF(Brain derived nerve growth factor)