About  Dr. Musnick

 I try and offer my patients the highest level of diagnosis and treatment possible.  I take pride in understanding underlying causes and interrelated systems in a person’s body.  I enjoy learning about the latest developments in Sports Medicine, Microcurrent, Autoimmune Disorders, Arthritis, Concussion, SIBO, IBS, Mold toxicity and  Functional Medicine. I developed the Pathophysiology Approach to healing the brain after Concussion and head injury(TBI). I have developed the Functional Medicine approach to assessing and treating Chronic pain. I teach and do the highest level of Frequency Specific Microcurrent.   I integrate conventional medicine, functional medicine, functional immunology, homeopathy, exercise prescription, nutrition and stress management into my treatment programs.   I am constantly learning and keeping up in my fields by pursuing seminars with online training(Functional Immunology with Cogency Immunology), the Kharrazian Institute, Homeopathy training, Institute for Functional Medicine, lectures and CME meetings in Internal and Sports Medicine.  I listen to relevant Podcasts and Summits in many areas of interest.

I was originally born in the Boston Area. I have lived in the Midwest, California, Seattle and now the Eastside. I enjoy working out, trail and downhill mountain biking, road biking, bowling, hiking, downhill and cross country skiing, tennis, ping pong, nature photography, social dancing, and spending time with my daughter.  

Meet our office staff:

Melissa Hahn MA is our Medical Assistant, billing and medical legal specialist. Melisa handles all billing questions. Melisa runs our medical legal consulting department. Melisa is in the clinic on M, T, TH and Friday. Melisa is into a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. She has a little girl and 2 boys. She enjoys gardening. Melisa can be reached at ml@peakmedicine.com or 425-462-7325.

Cynthia Villasenor is an administrative and reception staff. She is at the clinic on M, T, W and Friday. Cynthia is also in charge of Record Requests and our social media. Cynthia can be reached at office@peakmedicine.com or 425-462-7325