Inflammation or Neuroinflammation in the brain is a big problem soon after a head injury/Concussion. Inflammation can lead to”secondary brain injury” and increase the areas of loss of functioning neurons, synaptic networks etc. well past what the original injury would produce. It can lead to problems with neurotransmitters and poor functioning in different brain areas. It can also lead to fatigue and brain fog. If a person has antibodies to their own brain lining called the blood brain barrier BBB they can have more inflammation in the brain. If they have Intestinal Permeability they can have even more inflammation in the brain. This can occur soon after the injury or at any time from the time of the injury. If you or someone you know has had a Concussion and is having brain symptoms it is important for them to have an integrated approach to dealing with and modulating Neuroinflammation. A test for antibodies to the BBB as well as a test for antibodies to the Intestinal tight junction proteins can be very helpful in guiding care. These tests can be ordered by any MD, DO, DC or ND Dr but are best ordered by a Dr that can interpret the test results and make decisions to heal these areas. Labs that do these tests are Cyrex, Vibrant Labs, Mayo Clinic to name a few. In future blogs I will discuss more about neuroinflammation and how to limit inflammation by diet, supplements, sleep, stress management etc. I will also be discussing other aspects of David Musnick MD